BlizzCon 2018 уже почти с нами и разработчики закончили публикацию различных видеоматериалов к выставке. Для просмотра

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более 40 видеороликов (41), рассказывающих о BlizzCon, играх компании и самой Blizzard, создании косплея, интересных моментах из жизни сообщества, а также других занимательных вещах. Часть видео доступна для просмотра бесплатно, а для других требуется наличие “

Виртуального билета

“. Полный список материалов вы найдете внутри этой темы.

:cut:Best of BlizzCon

Episode 1: Top Surprises

We revisit some of the biggest jaw-dropping announcements to come out of BlizzCon over the years.

Episode 2: Top Esports

BlizzCon has seen some of the most epic matches ever. Watch these highlights and get pumped for this year’s events.

Episode 3: Top Community

We look back at the most memorable moments involving Blizzard’s most dedicated players.

Episode 4: Top Cosplay

There’s cosplay and then there’s “how on earth they did create this?” cosplay. Here’s a look back at some of the most creative work that’s come out of the community.

The Vault

Episode 1: Overwatch

Just because Blizzard has life-sized Overwatch weapons on campus doesn’t mean you can play with them. . . .

Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm

An April Fool’s joke turns into a real costume, and Yrel’s hammer comes to life.

Episode 3: World of Warcraft

Here’s a look at some rare World of Warcraft props that never made it to the public.

Episode 4: Hearthstone

Check out these lifelike props of an adorable Boombot and a not-so-adorable Lich King and King Togwaggle.

Episode 5: StarCraft

We revisit some StarCraft history to see how an irreplaceable source code disc was lost then recovered and how some in-game units came to be in their current iterations.

Episode 6: Diablo

Diablo has some interesting items and props from its 20-year history, including a lifelike costume/statue that’s been used for a practical joke or two….

Drawn to Adventure

Episode 1: Appealing Characters

What makes Blizzard’s cast of characters so distinct and memorable? The creators share their innermost thoughts.

Episode 2: Skins for the Win

Some alternative character skins are strictly for fun. Others tell a deeper story.

Episode 3: Inspiration Everywhere

Blizzard’s designers and artists draw their inspiration from many unexpected sources . . . like fighting games.

Episode 4: Community of Creators

Fan creations aren’t just for fans. They directly inspire Blizzard’s developers and sometimes even make it into the games.

Elite Cosplay

Episode 1: Meet the Judges

Our judges highlight what they’re looking for this year when it comes to top-end cosplay.

Episode 2: Channel Your Inner Winner

Our judges point out a few trends when it comes to this year’s submissions for the cosplay contest.

Episode 3: Behind the Panel

Our judges offer a few final thoughts on cosplay submissions, right before the big event.

Level Up

Episode 1: Casual Cosplay

Not all cosplay needs to be “elite” (see above). Here are some tips for more casual cosplay bounding, using stuff you have lying around home.

Episode 2: Designer Sound

Whether you want to do some voice acting or run a podcast, here are some tips to get the best sounds out of your mouth.

Episode 3: Dungeon Mastery with Matt Mercer – Part 1

Host and voice actor Matt Mercer gives some advice on how to be an awesome game master for your tabletop RPG group.

Episode 4: Dungeon Mastery with Matt Mercer – Part 2

Here are more tips on being a great dungeon master from the RPG expert himself.

Episode 5: Cracking the Code

Want to get into the gaming industry? Three software engineers give their perspective.

Universe Builders

Episode 1: Crafting Comics

What goes into making a Blizzard comic book? It’s a lot more than just drawings and words.

Episode 2: Plushie Power

A plushie may take up to a year to create. See the work and creativity that goes into making one for Blizzard.

Episode 3: Vintage Vinyl

See why Blizzard would take a sci-fi game’s soundtrack and put it on good ol’ fashioned vinyl.

Episode 4: Behind the Page

If cosplay is a fan’s love letter to Blizzard, then this book is Blizzard’s love letter to cosplay and its fans.

Episode 5: Blizzard Brews

Bottle Logic Brewing took the craft task seriously: create four new beers worthy of StarCraft’s 20th anniversary (including unique brews to represent each race).

Pause for Laughter

Episode 1: With Misty Lee and Fred Tatasciore

Our Blizzard voice actors play “The Expert Game” (make up facts about each other and carrying the conversation as if everything were true) and “Human Soundboard” (creating random sound effects that others must explain).

Episode 2: With Erin Fitzgerald and Josh Petersdorf

Our Blizzard voice actors do their best (and worst) impressions of celebrities and the characters they don’t normally play.

Episode 3: Carbot and the Road to BlizzCon

Against our better judgment, here’s an animated short showing you how to cut in line at BlizzCon.

Epic Tales

Episode 1: Guildies Never Say Die

Listen to these heartwarming stories about how guilds have brought friends and family together over the years and across different generations.

Episode 2: BlizzCon Memories

BlizzCon is so much more than just a gaming convention for these players and employees.

Episode 3: Legends Live On

Tyrael, Sylvanas Windrunner, Soldier: 76, Sarah Kerrigan…what drives them to become the most legendary heroes and villains in the Blizzard universe?

In-Game Item Reveals

Episode 1: Overwatch

Sombra gets a little dark.

Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm

A new mount, spray, banner, and portrait appear in the Nexus.

Episode 3: World of Warcraft

New symbols of honor let the world know where your allegiance lies.

Episode 4: Hearthstone

Get a bundle of 10 card packs and a new card back.

Episode 5: StarCraft

New skins await players of both StarCraft II and StarCraft: Remastered.

Episode 6: Diablo

A talkative (but not necessarily the cuddliest) pet joins your adventure.

Bonus Episodes

World of Warcraft | BlizzCon 2018 Preview

Get a sneak peek at all the WoW and WoW Classic news and updates you’ll be hearing at the show—including the at-home BlizzCon WoW Classic demo.

Faces of War | Behind the Scenes of the Battle for Azeroth Cinematic

See the high-tech tools and processes that go into motion-capturing the perfect face in a World of Warcraft cinematic.