В 26624 сборке беты Battle for Azeroth разработчики наконец-то


за создание контента для питомцев и их битв. В этом билде было добавлено множество разнообразных питомцев (большинству из которых пока не назначены способности), несколько достижений и новая валюта, которую игроки будут получать и тратить на товары Кул Тираса и Зандалара.


Ранее разработчики поделились некоторыми деталями насчет новинок для битв питомцев. Если вы интересуетесь темой, то можете изучить эти материалы:


Трех новых необычных питомцев можно получить за достижения:


Еще несколько питомцев можно приобрести у


той или иной фракции:

  • Почтение у Пробуждения Шторма: Seabreeze Bumblebee (Pair of Bee Wings) — These hardy bees form the backbone of a great honey and mead industry. For decades, the Tidesages forbade anyone from taking them outside of Stormsong.
  • Почтение у Ордена Пылающих Углей: Corlain Falcon (Pristine Falcon Feather) — Corlain Falcons are trained from birth to be scouts and fighting companions. The few spared from the Heartsbane curse serve the Order of Embers in the same capacity.
  • Почтение у Экспедиции Таланджи: Tragg the Curious (Tragg the Curious) — Kragwa reluctantly sent Tragg to the Tulanji Expedition with the hope that they could find someone suitable to escort him on a tour of Azeroth.
  • Почтение у Чемпионов Азерот: Saurolisk Hatchling (Saurolisk Hatchling) — They are so cute before they develop razor-sharp teeth and venom.
  • Почтение у Чемпионов Азерот: Azeriti ((Shard of Azerite) — A chip off the ol' girl's block. Azeriti is fiercely protective and will strike out against anyone wishing to do her mother harm.
  • Почтение у Тортолланских искателей: Cou'pa (Cou'pa) — He is a real trooper, faithfulling tagging along with Kojo for years. He enjoys hide and seek as well as some serious shell sliding.

Дикие питомцы

Многих питомцев можно выловить в новых локациях:


  • River OtterRiver otters start growing whiskers at a very young age and never stop. By the time they are fully grown and reach old age, they have more whiskers on their face than any other known creature.
  • Coastal ScuttlerThe purple coloration helps this species blend into the rocks and shadows, but the crabs become easy prey for seagulls when they linger to long on the open sand.

Тирагардское поморье

  • Sandyback CrawlerThe sandyback crawlers get their name from having a slightly sticky outer shell that sand sticks to as they walk around.
  • Parasitic BoarflyThe stinger of a Ravager Wasp can cause intense pain for up to three hours. Consult a physician immediately if stung.
  • Shack CrabShack crabs are the only species of hermit crabs known to regenerate limbs if torn off in battle.
  • Inland CroakerThe mucus secreted from inland croakers is so effective at repelling water, the ship builders of Kul Tiras have been using it in the wood sealant for many years.
  • Giant WoodwormThe giant woodworm can burrow into almost any surface they crawl on, except solid stone.

Долина Штормов

  • River OtterRiver otters start growing whiskers at a very young age and never stop. By the time they are fully grown and reach old age, they have more whiskers on their face than any other known creature.
  • Sandyback CrawlerThe sandyback crawlers get their name from having a slightly sticky outer shell that sand sticks to as they walk around.
  • Valley ChickenLong ago, the population of chickens in Stormsong Valley was so high, there was fear that the chickens would eat all of the corn from the fields and leave the other residents hungry.
  • Vale MarmotVale Marmots are very quick on their feet and are masters of digging holes for their burrows. Children like to chase them around and try to bop them on the head when they poke their head out to catch some sunlight.
  • Freshwater CrawlerThe hermit crabs of Stormsong Valley will use whatever they can find that fits them for their shell. If it fits, they sits.
  • River FrogThe river frogs of Stormsong Valley have been known to try to hypnotize people by staring directly into their eyes and making a low rumbling noise.
  • Shadowback CrawlerEven the toughest of crabs with the toughest of shells can succumb to the dark mysteries of the shadows.
  • Honey BeeIt is rumored that these honey bees can detect the pollen of a newly blossomed plant in northern Stormsong Valley when they are all the way down in Drustvar.


  • Shore ButterflyButterflies taste with their feet! I tried it once, but I only made a mess.
  • Barrier HermitThe 'door ditch' prank is not as effective when the house can chase you.
  • Golden BeetleMany ancient tribes revered these enourmous beetles.
  • Leafy FlutterwingWhen perched on a tree, this species can be almost invisible to any prey.


  • Bloodfever TarantulaWhile completely harmless to trolls, the animal life within Nazmir fear these creatures.
  • Elusive SkimmerWater Skimmers use the tension of water and long, hydrophobic legs to help them walk along the water's surface.
  • Young Sand SifterThis species looks through the sand for the buried remains of rotting creatures. It keeps our beaches clean!
  • Sticky OozelingIt's a repulsive creature. No one should want this.
  • Returned HatchlingA terror in life. A terror in death.
  • Glutted BleederApply directly to the forehead.
  • Spectral RavenSuddenly there came a tapping...
  • BoghopperHow many bogs has it hopped? No one knows.
  • Coastal BounderA quite annoying species. No matter how high you build your walls, these creatures still manage to hop over.


  • Hermit CrabWhen you're a hoarder, but want to stay on the move!

За поимку всех диких питомцев в Кул Тирасе и Зандаларе вы получите достижение "

Battle Safari

", а к нему в награду питомца Rescued Fawn (скорее всего это временная награда, поскольку

Rescued Fawn

выдается за другое достижение — "

Сафари Расколотых островов


Несколько интересных моделей этих питомцев:

Локальные задания

В этой сборке было добавлено несколько первых локальных заданий для битв питомцев на победу над тем или иным укротителем: "

Rogue Azerite

", "

What's the Buzz?

", "

Accidental Dread

", "

Crawg in the Bog

", "

Pack Leader

", "

Captured Evil

", "


", "

Keeyo's Champions of Vol'dun

" и "

Critters are Friends, Not Food


За выполнение 20 уникальных локальных заданий на Кул Тирасе и Зандаларе в награду дается достижение "

Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras

". На warcraftpets составили

карты с местоположением

некоторых укротителей.


Одного питомца можно приобрести у торговца за 100.000 золотых. Этот торговец

также продает

и некоторые другие ценные вещи.

  • Lost PlatysaurThe platysaur species has been roaming around the lands since before time was even measured. An ancient species that has adapted to walking on the land, and also for some reason has adapted to repeating some short sounds three times in a row.

Неизвестные источники

Источники получения некоторых питомцев неизвестны, он могут как падать с различных редких существ, так и быть наградой за задания.

Несколько интересных моделей этих питомцев:

Новая валюта

Обычные Обереги для питомцев были переименованы в

Сияющие обереги для питомцев

, а новой валютой, которую будут получать в награду и тратить на различные пока что неизвестные товары Battle for Azeroth станут

Отполированные обереги для питомцев

. За сбор 500 новых оберегов выдается достижение "

Polished Pet Charmer